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A Car Wash Day

This was fun for everyone and easy to set up.  I love projects like this because they have different steps which teach the kids different things and get them involved on many different levels.  Before we began we took a “field trip” in our pj’s to the car wash that you drive through (this is my idea of a field trip!  The kids were all so excited and I didn’t have to get out of the car!!!).  I had them pay close attention to each step so they could get ideas about how to run their own car wash at home.  After our real car wash we swung through McDonald’s for smoothies before going home to make our version of the real thing.

To set it up: I used a car track that we had but you don’t need that.  The main things you need are some old wipe containers to turn into stations, toothbrushes, shaving cream, cars, and a hose.We also used an empty juice container for the bank and some spare change to pay for each car as it went.

I just cut big holes out of each side of the wipe box so that the cars could drive in and out ad a slit in the top of the juice box for the coins.  And then I let the kids decorate each part with stickers and markers.  Caleb also wanted to build a drying station out of legos so he did that while the others finished decorating.  Then we lined it up outside and away they went.  This is a great activity on a hot summer day!

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