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Mud Pies and Naked Fannies

What’s more fun then playing outside in the mud?  Well I can think of A LOT of things, but for my boys, they were all about this.  Since we live in very much of a neighborhood there was no where to really get mud as all of our yard is grass and I didn’t think digging up the neighbors yard would go over well :o).  So a quick trip to Lowes and 1 bag of soil later we had a full on mud kitchen going on.  Everything I used could be quickly hosed off (although I will warn you that our mud was very dark and took a bit more than a simple rinse to get rid of it, thankfully our rug covers the dirt stains I left on the concrete! Next time I will go for more dirt than soil). I just grabbed a couple of laundry baskets for tables, some bowls, pans, utensils and a hose and away they went!  By the end I had a big mess and 3 dirty naked children running around my backyard – a perfect excuse for outside summer baths (and by bath I mean a little Johnson and Johnson and a lot of shooting hose water). :o)



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