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Crying Out…

As I sit on my couch I am overwhelmed.  We got news yesterday that the appeal filed against our adoption of our sweet Joshua was accepted and so we will have to go back to square one and have a full trial.  There was a point in this journey where I would have been afraid to post this on our blog, but I will not let fear have me anymore.  I am getting bolder with every set back.  This is not easy, but it was God who placed Joshua into our arms 18 months ago.  Only in Him each moment am I finding the grace to stand.  You can read the story of how God miraculously place him into our arms here on our adoption blog.

It was clear from the beginning that this was God’s doing and we were privileged to be sharing part of his special plan.  Little did we know how hard and long this journey would be.  I can’t share all the details with you here because we are still in the midst of this, but what I can say is that 3 days before the adoption was final we got a call out of the blue that his birth family had hired a lawyer and was going to fight the adoption.  Please understand that my heart breaks for them.  I pray for them on a regular basis and cannot imagine what they have had to go through on their end.  But it was their decision to place him in our home with us as his forever family, and it was clear from the beginning that it was best for Joshua, and everyone knew that including them.

When we got that call- devastation, panic, confusion, and fear literally overtook me.  And it has been a long year of finding my footing in the Lord, not giving in to those emotions, and becoming courageous enough to stand up and fight for my son.  It was God who brought him miraculously to us and it is God who we continue to lift our eyes to to fight on our behalf.  Last night as I called out to him once more in desperation he asked me to bring forth my cries here and ask you all to join with us.  The power of crying out is heard through out the bible, especially in the psalms and so we follow our example and cry out on Joshua’s behalf.  It is clear to us now, more than ever before that this is a spiritual battle and that we are asking the Lord to release him so that he can be knit to us forever and always.  Will you join us?  Will you rally around our sweet boy and hedge him into the fold of the body of Christ?

We need you, I need you.  To say this has been hard would not even begin to touch on this journey.  We have had to stand in the face of injustice and see it up close and personal.  This is a fight I would not have been able or willing to fight had I known the depth and breadth of it.  I would have been too afraid and too weak but God knew different.  So here I am standing on this battlefield, tired, worn out, tears streaming down my face, feeling at times utterly hopeless, but WE WILL NOT GIVE UP.  We are in this thing until the Lord moves us and we are raising our voices in a battle cry to the Lord.  Lord help us in our time of trouble!

“In the day of my trouble I will call upon you, for You will answer me.” Psalm 86:7

“Lift up your voice with strength, lift it up, be not afraid.” Isaiah 40:9


  1. Laura

    Thank you so much for entrusting me with your prayer request. We meet tomorrow night, we will be praying,carrie. Thanks for all your comments and prayers. We need eachother! Press on!!

  2. The Chubby Dove

    I cannot begin to imagine what you guys are going thru. I’ll be praying for peace, every detail to be worked out, and that this adoption process will be completed once and for all.

    Love you!

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