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Hammock Beach

We got a wild hair about a week and half ago to take all 4 kids to the beach by ourselves!  Billy was transitioning jobs and had the week off so we decided even if it was miserable that it was worth it to just get out of the house.  But ya know, it wasn’t miserable! It was challenging, but actually fun.  We just had to keep reminding each other to chill out.  As long as one of us remained calm (umm usually that one wasn’t me, just in case you wondering) and all kids had some sort of flotation device on we were all good .  So here are a few pics we got.  It was Jeremiahs first swim, and he loved it!  What great memories, so glad we did it.




Caleb loves this place, he enjoyed every second.


The Gang in the pool


The gang headed to the pool


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