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Have you met our Warrior King?

I have been feeling like God is silent – not hearing anything from Him, begging Him to talk to me.  He has seemed so far so distant and then today I got a revalation. This whole time that I have been searching for Him I was looking for the Comforter, the Still Small Voice, the Daddy that would wipe all my tears away.  But that is not what I have found.  Today while reading a book for bible study “The Three Battlegrounds” by Francis Frangipane it hit me.   He is here as close as always but He is revealing himself in a new way.  Instead of my comforter he stood before me as my Warrior King.  And He is not wiping away my tears, he is saying “daughter, stand up and make yourself ready”.   I was looking for the God that I have known and experienced before but He is revealing a different side of His character.  It is uncomfortable and strange – so unfamiliar, but it is Him.  And He is still all those things He was before but He wants me to know him more, differently than before.

I could not have handled this a year ago and He knows that.  Truthfully I am having a hard time with it now, I just want Him to make me feel better!  I hate the fight, the reality of the spiritual realm around me.  I am so wed to comfort to feeling good.  When we stepped into the world of adoption I had no idea it would entail all of this. All I saw were pretty family photos and a good feeling that we had done something that mattered. I had no idea of the warfare that surrounds the littlest of God’s chosen.  Had I known I would not have stepped out, so praise Him for only allowing us to see what we can handle in the moment.  But now I am here and He is opening my eyes to more.  To see more means responding to the more, rising up, welcoming the challenge, submitting to the process, He is my King and He is calling…

“The Lord will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war.  He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry.  He will prevail against His enemies.” Isaiah 42:13

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  1. brenda white

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Love the part in the book that it talked about how we so often seek comfort from our situation, and relief- but that is not His ultimate goal, but to make us more like His son, Jesus. This is what we should seek. I wrote so much on every page and underlined like everything!! Took me over an hr to read like 6 pages of chapter 4. SO proud of you and for listening to what God is saying to you and showing you. So thankful we have a WARRIOR KING who is going before you, paving the way, showing you how to put one foot in front of the other, and taking care of all the details!! I love you!

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