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4th of July

Fourth Festivities

This year July forth was just another day for us.  Billy had to work and so the kids and I just hung out at home.  Although it did start out with a bang when all 8 smoke alarms decided to start beeping at once with low batteries!  It sounded like a war zone.  Despite me being up a ladder most of the morning we did do some fun activities to celebrate the day.  We planned on fireworks and sparklers, but then it started raining like crazy so everyone went to bed on time and the fireworks will have to wait until next year.  We still have sparklers sitting on the counter with the promise of doing them when we have good behavior.  Alas we haven’t made it through a night yet with good behavior for the oldest 2, so the countdown is on hopefully we will see sparklers sometime before Christmas!

I had the kids make a centerpiece with items I got on clearance at the craft store. It turned out to be really cute and they had a ball doing it.


This picture is so indicative of these 2. Caleb so serious about the task at hand and goony bird just being as silly as can be. Opposites to the core, oh how I love them both!


We made red, white, and blue cupcakes for dessert!


The cupcakes all decorated!


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