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The past few weeks in pictures

I am having a hard time finding anytime to blog.  As it is I should be sleeping, but I wanted to post a quick update of what has been going on around here lately.  For those of you praying for us in our adoption trial, there is a judge ordered mediation scheduled for this coming week.  This could turn out to be just another meeting where nothing happens or God could move on hearts and it could be just the catalyst the Lord used to bring light to a very dark place.  So we covet your prayers, that His will is ultimately done this week.

As for daily life, well here is the low down…

This is how I found these 2 after putting the babies down for their nap. They were playing camp out and being silly gooses. When they are sweet they are so sweet and when they aren’t… well you get the picture.



The babies keep trying to make a run for it!


Caleb and I started school. We have been in for 2 weeks and are loving the added structure and fun activities it brings. Starting now helps me to have a much more lax schedule so on our off days we can just take them off and I am not worried about being behind.


My 2 littlest have become buds over the past few weeks playing more and more with each other. It is so cute to watch!


Mae Mae came to help the past few days while Daddy was away on business. This is how most of her hours were spent. ;o) Thanks mom, you are each day a life saver to me and my tribe.


I love catching kindness in action when they don’t even know I have the camera. Caleb and Joshy just sitting on the porch together playing. Oh so sweet!


We are saying goodbye this week to our weekly helper Ms. Danielle. Oh how we will all miss her, what a blessing she has been to me! But we can’t wait to see what adventure awaits her, no doubt it will pail in comparison to her days in this crazy house! ;o) Now all of you reading need to pray extra hard for mama and for a new helper!


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  1. Bren

    Love your posts and these picture!!! Maybe this weekend we can all get together! Love you and praying daily!!

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