Oh my Miah!

look at that hair!

This is a post dedicated to my youngest little love.  Jeremiah is such a joy I can’t even tell you.  He always has a smile to give and he loves his mama!  Nursing him for sure goes down in my list of top 5 most enjoyable things in life, ever.  He has just been such a gift.  I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant with him, I cried.  I was just so overwhelmed with having another baby!  Joshua was only 3 months when it happened and oh, I am so glad that the Lord lavished us with this unexpected miracle!

He is so cute and can be oh so quiet.  We have coined a new phrase around here.  About every 20 minutes or so someone says, “Where is the baby?” usually with a little urgency in their voice.  Jeremiah has a way of quietly slipping away to “explore” his surroundings.  He is not mischievous or sneaky at all, he just has a little adventurer in him.  It is so cute and innocent, but I have to keep my eye on him!  I have found him in some pretty precarious places…

in the shoe bins


in the kitchen cabinets


in the bathroom in the pitch dark


on the sixth step, yikes, who left the gate open!!!!


playing with the curtains under the side table


under the kitchen table

Oh my adventurous baby, I love you.  You bring such joy to each of us and you keep me on my toes. (And right now you are crying on the monitor hoping I will come up and nurse you for the fifth time in the past few hours. :o))  So I need to wrap this post up, but before I close here are a few more adorable pictures of our sweet boy.

getting a zubert from daddy!


There’s a new sheriff in town and my is he good lookin! Love you lumpy!



  1. laura Jones says:

    thanks for sharing the great photos, Carrie, love them. What a joy, loving the chunka munka legs! making me happy this morning.
    praying for you guys~

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