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S is for Sun (MFW wk 1)

We studied the letter S this week and learned a lot about the sun.  I love MFW because of all the bible lessons woven into each unit.  The theme this week was “Jesus is the light of the world”.  I started a new routine of schooling Caleb in the afternoon during nap time.  It is the ONLY time I have to really sit with him.  Usually the baby is up too, but he is usually fairly agreeable while we school.  Not too sure how this is going to work when I have to start adding more kids to our school lessons but ONE DAY AT A TIME!  I don’t have as much time as I would like to do all of the extras with each unit, but I am doing my best to juggle life (aka -laundry, babies, dishes) with fun so we get some of both.  So with a big exhale :o) here are some of the things we did while studying the sun…

He used cuisenaire rods to make a sun, snake, and s


We made a sun sensory bin for all the kids to enjoy



Caleb used letter tiles to sound out and then write some short words


We ate a “sun” lunch


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