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Sick, Mastitis, and lots of Rain

All four kids have been sick now for over a week!  We have had vaporizers going, nasal suction to the max, benadryl for the 2 that can take it, and lots of green yuck wiped everywhere.  God has been so good and I mean like jumping for joy good to keep me well.  In the past I usually get it too along with the kids and it just makes it so hard to care for everyone.  But this go round he has spared me and I am just so thankful!  I have had my first bout of mastitis and am on a z pack for that.  Praying for no ear infections and for my pain to continue to lesson and then hopefully we will be heading for the clear by the end of the week.

As a result of sick kids and rain we have been inside A LOT.  When the excitement over videos ran out, they started imagining things outside and came up with a fun few hours of imaginary play.  Here they are going on a hike!  (sorry about the underwear!)

Joshua was loving it!


They got out the hats and away they went


It must have gotten sunny somewhere along the way

Caleb sporting his new invention “the game hat”


He said he invented it so he could see people behind him while he as playing tag. As you can imagine everyone else wanted one too, it was quite a hit that day.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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