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Pasta Portraits

Working on their noodle art

These were the easiest thing and turned out so cute.  A few weeks ago daddy was out of town for work and my mom and I were home with all the kids for several days.  I was DESPERATE for an activity to keep them occupied and couldn’t think of anything.  I saw the over abundance of pasta in our pantry when organizing things and decided to let them play!  So I cooked up some elbows and spaghetti and let them go at it.  My original plan was just to let them pretend cook with them, but once i saw the noodles on the table it hit me – they are a perfect medium for drawing and what would be more fun than Pasta Portraits??!!!

They had fun making themselves out of noodles and thought it was so silly.  When they were done they played with all the extra noodles for a good hour or so.  I just used some black plastic place mats and turned them over for them to use as the back )you could use construction paper too.  And I did have to add some olive oil to the pasta after cooking to make it easier to work with.  But other than that all you need it pasta!  So without further a due here are our masterpieces.

Mama Mia!

Mazie Grace, I LOVE THE HAIR!!!! This is what it looks like when she wakes up! Too Funny!


So fun you gotta try it!



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