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A Few Cute Pictures

My 2 baby boys in the bath. They love the bath and go crazy dunking and splashing, oh my heart!



This colander is Joshy Roo’s favorite toy. He goes and gets it out of the kitchen daily and plays all sorts of things with it. Sometimes it’s a hat, sometimes a bucket, sometimes he just loves to just open and close it. What a funny little guy he can be!


Miah has discovered the wonder of eating food. He nearly gives me a heart attack because he shoves so much in his mouth at once! Caleb did that too, but Miah has him beat on quantity for sure! He is by far the messiest baby eater so far, but oh so cute. Here he is all smiles (as usual) after a little afternoon snack.


Here is my handsome fellow with all his babies. Daddy’s lap is getting to small for everyone to fit! What a wonderful husband and father the Lord has blessed us with, love you!


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