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His Banner Over Us is Love

First a quick little update.  Our trial was postponed again and the next meeting will be the 14th.  That is just a meeting not an actual date of trial, so we assume the trial will happen the following week, but who knows.

As we have waited and continue to wait we have been praying and praying for our sweet boy, asking all along for wisdom and direction as we fight the spiritual battle that is unseen.  This is not an area that I usually camp in, so it is uncomfortable, stretching, unfamiliar.

This past week we received some encouragement and direction from someone we don’t even know who has been praying for and with us.  They had witnessed a similar battle over an adoption of a child that was finally won after the mother had laid prostrate over the child several times over several days following the example of Elisha in 2 Kings.  After hearing this I didn’t feel like I was necessarily supposed to do that, although I was willing, it just didn’t witness to me in that way.  But I did feel like the Lord had shared this with me for a reason.  So I began to press in and ask what He had for us in it.  Several days passed with no answer, but He did begin to show me through talking with a friend that there are tons of Prophetic acts in the bible, really they are just acts of obedience.  There is nothing magic about the acts themselves, they are just the physical acting out of a spiritual reality.  Like when Moses hands had to be lifted up for Joshua to win the battle against the Amalykites.  Every time his hands began to drop they began to loose the battle.  His hands weren’t magic, they were just a physical act that released something in the spiritual realm.  With Aaron’s and Hur’s help he kept his arms up until the battle was won.

As I was praying on Saturday night over all this the Lord brought to mind the scripture “His banner over me is love” and I began to declare and pray that aloud over and over again.  I felt like just shouting it, in fact I did raise my voice as I drove down the road proclaiming it over my son.  And then I saw it, clear as day in my mind’s eye.  An actual banner hanging over my son, a banner of love and of God’s promises to him.  A banner of spiritual protection over him.  One that would remain day and night and night and day so that when the enemy looks upon my sweet sleeping boy all he will see is God’s love covering him.

Right then I knew why he had shared with me the previous story, because He wanted me to be ready and open for the assignment He was about to give me.  He wanted me to take literally the vision He had shared and make a spiritual truth a physical reality.   I spent the rest of that evening researching and studying scripture, asking the Lord to pour into me what exactly He wanted me to include on the banner and how I was to go about making it.  I can not tell you how amazed I was.  He just opened my eyes and directed me so clearly to each scripture.  He showed me that the original Hebrew word for banner means “a standard or flag stuck in the ground during battle as a sign of the taking of the land”.  Every time Israel went into battle they raised their banner up as a sign, a declaration of victory.  I have chill bumps right now just thinking about it.   How He wove everything together in such a beautiful strong picture of His love and faithfulness over my son.

The rest of the weekend I spent making the banner.  I wasn’t sure really what I was doing but God showed me at each step what to do next.  I am not going to lie and say I was enthusiastic about the project, because as I stood in the craft store staring at the thousands of options before me, I felt rather foolish.  “Do I really NEED to ACTUALLY do this Lord?”  But again and again I felt Him nudging me forward.

His name sake verse

The verse God gave me two different times through unrelated sources, it has served as much encouragement through these long months.


  1. Lori McCary

    Absolutely beautiful, Carrie! This will surely be a treasure and a memorial of God’s protection and goodness for a lifetime! Know that we are standing with you under that banner! Hugs, sweet friend! Lori McCary

    • admin

      Thanks so much Lori, it was so good to see you on Sunday and hug your neck! Can’t wait to hear when that phone rings for you guys! :o)

  2. Julie Cloninger

    HI Carrie, I printed your Candy Heart Countdown back in 2013 for use at my home with my 5 children for February. I laminated them and I still have them! I am wondering if you still have the download on your blog. I’d love to share it with families at my church, but I don’t want to violate your copyright. I have the original download but it says not to share the download, so I’m writing to ask permission. I don’t see a search tab on your blog site and I can’t find a post about it. Can you help me?

    • admin


      Thank you for reaching out, please feel free to share the download as The Father leads you.

      Blessings to you!

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