My 2 Youngest Cuties

Oh those eyes. This is my hat guy, never met a hat he didn’t like!
Only a curly headed mama could love these curly cues.
And there go the coloring books
Miah has decided to start school a little early than expected.
Just so sweet…
My sweet rolly polly- Lump always has something to smile about, what a blessing he is to us!
Our annual fall clothes clean out resulted in sisters dress on Joshy, he whined and whined until I put it on him. The problem was once it went on it wasn’t coming off without tears. So, a dress and a soccer ball, gotta love it!
Miah in the grass for the first time. Wasn’t sure about it for about 5 minutes and then…
he spotted the slide, and was off to climb!
Now I can’t keep him inside!
Thought you might appreciate seeing the world through my eyes. This is my daily view, my 2 baby boys. No sunset or sea scape could compete with these 2, well, maybe for one night (or 2)!


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