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Happy 1st Birthday Jeremiah!


I promised myself on this day, one year ago, that if we survived this first year of 4 kids, 4 and under that I would shout it from the roof top, and give all the glory to the Lord!  I have had my doubts that we would make it this far and days that felt like we would NEVER get here, but alas, here we are!  We made it!  Day – by  – day – by – day – by – day, one foot in front of the next we just kept plowing through and my sweet little lump is now one years old.

There are so many things I have learned this year, but at the top of that list is that God’s sustaining power is exactly that, sustaining.  It may not make you feel great, it may seem like He is far away – even though He isn’t, it may feel like you are going to keel over the very next second- but then the next second passes and you are still standing.  HE SUSTAINS US.  Minute by minute, that is His grace and power at work in our lives.  I am living proof.

Thank you Lord for this year and this precious boy that you saw fit to give us.  We know that he is a pure undeserved, unexpected, and miraculous gift from your beautiful creative hand.  Thank you for knitting him together in my womb even while I cried tears of overwhelm and fear.  Thank you for giving me HIM and not the girl I was so sure you would send.  Your plan is far better than ours could ever be.  All glory to you King Jesus, we love and thank you for our precious boy.

Our first family photo as a family of 6 exactly 1 year ago today

What I have prayed for every day since, a sleeping mama and a sleeping baby

Our handsome birthday boy

Now for a quiet family celebration. We have all been sick with a cold and are dragging. You all know that this Publix cake kills me. I so wanted to bake a cake (I didn’t get to for MG either because we were all sick then too). The babies wouldn’t give me enough time today to get in the kitchen so Publix to the rescue and just another lesson in what things I need to let go of!

Before I close this post I know most of you probably think we have lost our minds (and this very well may be true!) when you see the name “lumpy”.  When he was just tiny he nursed round the clock (forth baby and absolutely no schedule- STILL) and after every feeding he would just turn into a lump.  Floppy, heavy, and out of it.  It was hilarious and so it just happened.  He became the lump.  Permanently perched on my shoulder in a little ball of full, happy, sleepiness.  Now he has grown into a whole other lumpy category, with those sweet lamby legs!  We love you Miah, Happy Birthday!



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  1. laura Jones

    Happy Birthday Lumpy! THat is so cute. What a dear boy you have, and the photos of the 2 boys the post before. adorable. You are doing something amazing. You made it a year!!! By God’s grace and I love how you said, one day at a time! Our first four were four four and under too. Oh man the fun we have with them as they grow. I’m so thankful to have our big gang do things that still interest everyone. Praying for the Lantry family. Press on Carrie!!

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