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Lessons in Laundry

One of the things that I love about having all the kids here is the opportunity to teach them about life.  How to do the practical things like laundry, dishes, folding.  I can for sure be a bit high strung and am often tempted to do it myself so it can get done the way I want it.  But I am learning that involving the kids at this age is so important.  Even if the task takes twice as long it is the journey of us all getting there together and what we all learn along the way that matters.

Right now we are working on laundry lessons.  I have it broken down into very precise steps:

  • Caleb empties all the baskets and “tosses” it all downstairs.
  • The kids “sort” it all

Um, here is our very strict sorting process

  • Caleb, MG, and Joshua load it into the washer while screeching and dancing and running amok
  • The kids fight take turns with pushing the buttons on the washer.
  • I load it into the dryer while Jeremiah pulls it out
  • Then I try and fold with lots of help

The boys helping me fold, MG was napping

I am teaching Caleb to fold, starting with towels. I may be a bit biased, but these boys are going to make some great husbands!

Caleb showing off his finished work

And don’t even ask about putting it away.  I will just say that lots of days the kids are pulling cloths to wear out of the baskets.  So there you have it.  Our lessons in laundry.

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