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Going All White

I was just talking with a friend about the never ending stinky towel problem that she is having.  You know, they smell clean and nice until you start drying off with them and then you smell that stinky smell?   So I thought I would post about it because I bet some of you know what I am talking about.

About a year ago, after coming home from a hotel, it occurred to me there is a reason they ALL use white towels.  They are easy to keep clean, disinfect and they can mix and match because they are ALL white!  That day I donated a good trunk load of very cute and colorful towels to Goodwill and went to Target and bought the cheapest white towel I could find.  Just a few months ago I did the same with our dish towels and rags.  Next on my list is beach and pool towels, if only I can get the kids to part with the flowers and monkeys!

Anyway, it has made my life much easier.  I wash a big load a few times a week with bleach and I always have clean fresh towels.  Any towel can go in any bathroom which makes putting away much quicker and easier too.

So that’s it, my simple little tip for happier showers, cleaner smelling kids, and feeling like you live in a posh hotel suite (well maybe that is going a little bit too far)!

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