To Trick, To Treat, or to Turn off the Lights

Since I am in Fall mode I thought it would be fun to share with you how we choose, as a strong christian family, to address Halloween.  As I child, growing up in a very christian home, we were allowed to trick or treat but had to dress in biblical or “nice costumes”.  When my son was first born I turned out our lights and swore we would never utter the name of such a wicked and pagan Holiday, much less participate in any of it’s celebrations.  As with most things I believe the answer is found somewhere in the middle of 2 extremes.

Because my children are getting a little bit older they are taking notice of the things around them.  All of you know it is impossible to escape all of the witches, and skulls, and ghosts in stores this time of year.  I HATE THIS!  I cringe, I tell them to look away, I get mad that we are subject to such ridiculousness.  But now instead of just feeling frustrated and like we are slaves to this sort of thing I am using it.  When we see those things in stores I explain it to them.  Instead of running from it we talk about it.  How to us, those symbols of evil are not something to play around with.  There is too much real evil in the world to make light of it.  We talk about not being judgmental of others and how most people don’t know the real meaning behind these things.  We talk about standing our ground and being in the world and not of the world.

Another thing we did last year was carved pumpkins from the pumpkin patch in a way that would shine the light of Christ from our door.

They were  pretty when  they were lit up.

We also choose to take the kids to a fall festival instead of doing the trick or treating.  We let them dress up and used that as an opportunity to celebrate God’s creation and vivid imagination.  They choose animals and so we talked about the animals they dressed up as and how awesome it is that God made those animals with such beautiful details.

The bag says “Jesus made me sweet so all I need is a treat”

I made the kids treat bags with a cute message about Jesus on them.  We use these every year and I love that no matter if they are at a fall festival or another celebration their little bags say something “sweet” and remind everyone of God’s love.  You can see my bags that are available for purchase here.  Or you could make your own using any bag and some fabric paint or markers from the craft store.

Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful to you and encourage you to think about ways you too can use this season to honor the Lord and have fun with your kids at the same time!


  1. Jessica Fields says:

    Love it! Thanks so much for sharing! I hate the scary things at halloween too. I have told the kids to look the other way but you’re right I need to talk to them about it! Thanks for the encouragement!

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