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Floating Bottle Top Turtles

For our turtle unit I wanted to make some floating turtles to use for our pond sensory bin.  After rummaging through our recycling bins for shells and a trip to the craft store for some floating foam we started making our turtles.

First I gathered all my supplies:

Various bottle tops, green foam, paint pens or sharpie markers, googly eyes, scissors, glue or glue gun, and a pencil

Then I had the kids paint the bottle tops with paint pens and/or permanent markers.

He really enjoyed creating each shell and making a family of very unique turtles.

After we had our shells done I laid them on the foam sheet and traced a turtle body around the top.  Our tops were different sizes and so I had to make the bodies accordingly.  I just made a curvy shape with a head, four legs and a pointed tail.  Then I cut out the bodies (the thicker foam was harder to cut so I had to do it).

Then just glue the tops to the foam with a glue that will not break down in water.  We used a clear tacky glue and it did get a little bit slimy in the water, although the turtles did hold together.  I think a glue gun would work the best. Last we added googly eyes and a smile to make them extra cute!  And there you have it, a fun easy way to make a whole family of floating turtles.

The turtles floating around in their new home. This was my favorite sensory bin ever (and the kids too!)





  1. Melanie

    Love these too! Again, gonna have to make some.

    • admin

      Thanks Melanie! I loved making these little turtles, we still play with them in the bath! Have a great night and thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Lisa

    Love this idea! Can you tell me what you used to make the water spotted? Thanks!

    • admin

      Water beads. You buy them in the floral section of the craft store. ;o)

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