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Cute Kiddo Alert

My husband and oldest 2 kiddos just got back from our favorite fall festival and they had a blast.  I stayed home with the babes and my mom came to keep us company.  We started our day off with four shots and a finger poke for sweet Jeremiah which was followed by costume design and construction.  It was a busy day and I am tired but they looked so cute all dressed up that I had to share a few pictures before I hit the hay.

All ready for the fun

Our sweet angel

Our police man, when did he get to be so grown up? He looks like the real deal!

While the big kids were out I spotted this little froggy at my dinner table, he kept saying “rib bit”



  1. Brenda White

    oh my gosh these pics are so sweet….MG seriously looks so angelic and SO beautiful and that smile of Josh’s is TOO sweet!!

    • admin

      Thanks Bren! My angel costume was a very strategic choice, praying that angelic spirit hangs around well past the fall! Love you!

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