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A Homemade Choo Choo Birthday

First to my boy: Joshy Roo you are such a sweet amazing little boy.  What a priviledge it is to be your mommy.  These last 2 years of your life I have watched you grow from a little 4 lb baby to a super smart, loving little guy.  Your life has shaped mine in such a significant way.  As it says in your song, the Lord has used your life (and continues to) to teach me to be fearless in the Lord.  Your adoption reaches so far beyond our family.  The Lord’s testimony that He is revealing through your story is changing lives.  I have known form the beginning that the Lord has special plans for your life and I am privileged to be a part of them.  I love you more than you will ever know and look forward to all that God has for you in the future.  Happy birthday sweet boy, may this next year bring the completion of what He began 2 years ago, you are such a gift to us!

Roo Roo (aka Joshua) turned 2 today.  It was a Roo Roo choo choo kind of day!  This little guy loves choo choo trains.  I wish you could here him say it, “shoo shoo tain” in the sweetest softest little voice.  So to celebrate it was everything choo choo. Joshua is a very introverted little guy and is also super sensitive.  So we just had a low key small family celebration.  We have had some sick kiddos with fevers and throwing up this week and the baby got four shots and has been up at night so low key was a must.

Here are some of my favorites shots from our day!

I made him a brownie choo choo cake. He doesn’t like cake but has eaten brownies in the past so I thought I would give it a go. I just carved pieces of brownie and added candy to make it cute. He loved the gummy wheels and ate almost all of them! He kept saying, “shoo shoo, tush it” as he put his fingers in the brownie.

Me and my sweet boy who would not sit for a sweet picture with his mama. So tummy tickles it had to be!

My perfectly imperfect blanky that i made for Joshy for his birthday. The other kiddos all have their own blanky that they love and Joshy hasn’t taken to one in particular. So I though I would make him one with his initials and what else?, choo choos! I am not a seamstress, this blanket is lopsided and very homemade but I love that I could make it for him with my own two hands.

I made this little cup for him. He eats A LOT of meals out of a cup because he won’t sit and eat anything. when he doesn’t eat his meals I give him “snacks” all day long to fill his belly and so what better than a choo choo cup!

Playing with his new choo choo and wishing I would put that camera away!

Joshy with his Mae Mae. She got him this vacuum because He LOVES to vacuum! And as you can see he isn’t the only one who loved this birthday present!




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