Dino Lunch: Edible Art Project

We just finished our Dinosaur unit (full post here) and we had so much fun!  One of the projects we did was dinosaur lunch art.  One of my favorite things about this activity was that it was healthy, including lots of fruits and veggies that were gobbled up without even a thought.  This was an on the fly idea so I just used what I had on hand instead of buying things especially for it.  I made a grilled cheese, then cut it into triangles, and put them together to make the body.  I added triangle crackers from inside chex mix for the back, Frito corn ships for the legs, a marshmallow for the eye, and then some black gel icing to draw the smile and eyeball.

Mg with her dino art. This was the most artistic thing I have ever seen her do. She really enjoyed it and seemed to understand what she was creating which is a huge step for her.
Caleb wanted to show his dino teeth for this picture, kinda scary!

After I made the dino’s myself I gave each child black place mat with there dino on it and a plate of “art supplies” 

Art Supplies: carrot sticks, grapes (cut in half to lay flat), some pretzels in different shapes (from chex mix), broccoli (trees and bushes), grape tomatoes(cut in half to lay flat), ranch for dipping (and to use as glue), a few baked lays (rocks and clouds), and some mini m & m’s for color and dessert.

Before we began we reviewed the kind of terrain the dino might have lived in and then I gave them some ideas of what could be used for different things in their picture.  The rule was that they had to use everything on their plate and they could not eat anything until their artwork was complete.  Once their picture was finished and photographed they could eat!

These turned out so cute and they both had a lot of fun.  It made eating raw veggies a little more appealing and I really liked that it was a healthy lunch and a fun art project all rolled into one.


  1. Melanie Stone says:

    So when is your book coming out? You are so creative with the kid stuff!

    1. admin says:

      Ha! Book, i barley have time to brush my teeth. Maybe when the kids are in college! Thanks for your encouragement though, great to hear from you!

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