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D is for Dinosaur

D is for Dinosaurs: MFW unit 8

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  My kids were excited for this one and so I worked extra hard to make it a fun unit.  Our letter was D and our theme for the week was, “Big and small God made them all.”  This was the first time in my life that I studied dinosaurs from a creation standpoint.  It was fun talking about Adam and eve living among these creatures that God made  We laughed at how I jump when i find lizards in our school closet (this happens A LOT!!) just imagining how it would be to find a dinosaur in your backyard! We took a trip to our local museum to see the Allosaurus skeleton there and did lots of other hands on activities.

Here are the highlights from our studies of the dinosaurs:

We made our own dinosaur stamps by just sticking some foam dino shapes on foam blocks that we already had. I love when I can use things we already have that cost nothing to make something new and fun! You could do the same with wooden blocks if you didn’t have foam ones.

Here are their finished stamping projects. I had the kids draw dinosaur scenes first and then we used paint on paper plates for the stamps.

We read lots of fun Dinosaur books like “If the Dinosaurs Came Back” and then Caleb practiced tracing on of the pictures.

We made triceratops that started looking like this.  We used a copper cookie cutter I found on clearance for 2$ at Dillards of all places. This is a good time to tell you that I am a little dorky and carry a small list of all the units with me in my wallet. I often come across great clearance deals while I am out doing other shopping and if they coincide with a unit down the road then I pick them up. This cookie cutter was one of those great finds last year!

Here are the cookies all decorated. even though our dino cookies turned out looking more like clouds than anything else, this was lots of fun and yummy too!

Caleb did this puzzle I picked up from the dollar store a couple of times.

We made some edible art with dino sandwiches. You can read the full post here.

This was a dinosaur dump tray for the tots. Mg used the tongs and I had to get a spoon out for Joshua. This worked on one to one correspondence, counting, and following directions.

I set up a dinosaur washing station for my tots, but actually Caleb ended up liking it the best. I told them they had to wash the mommy and the 3 baby dinos and he asked if his could be a Daddy instead, so cute! It was just a small squirt bottle of water, a little porcipine scrub brush my dad bought us on our museum trip this week, and a towel.

We did a sensory dinosaur dig. That you can read about here. It was a great way to get outdoors with this unit and have some hands on fun . They loved all the “bones” they uncovered some of our neighbors even came over and excavated for a while.

MG was proud of her color matching dino game in her tot notebook this week.  You can download the color sorting page here.

This was another page in Mg’s tot notebook that I got from 2 Teaching Mommies.

We made D’s with foam dino stickers. I had Caleb do these free handed without a template to make it a little more challenging for him.

So that is some of the fun we have been having with our My Fathers World Kindergarten from the past few weeks.  On to get organized for Octopus!  Blessings to you…



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    you are seriously A-MA-ZING. unreal what you do!!

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