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D is for Dinosaur

Dino Dig: Excavating for Fossils

For our dinosaur unit I set up a fossil dig.  This was a hit for several days and with our whole neighborhood as well!  It was also really educational as we talked about what happened to the dinosaurs and how people really find their fossils.  I like these kind of sensory experiences because all my kids can participate on their own level, even if it is just eating handfuls of sand!  Here is how I set mine up:

First gather your supplies:

  •  1 baby pool
  • 2 – 50 lb bags of play sand (3 $ each) from Lowes
  • 1 toob of dino skulls
  • 3 packages of dog bones from the dollar store
  • some digging tools
  • plastic dinos to hide and play with (optional)
  • a bag of rocks or stones (optional- we used bright colored ones because we had them on hand)

Then just dump everything in the bottom of the pool, cover with sand, and decorate with dinos and rocks.  Easy as that and your ready to go!

Here is the dig all set up and ready for excavation. I gave each child a little box filled with tools to use. Each had a paint brush, some digging tools, and a set of tongs

We had to move it inside the garage because it was a very windy day and the sand kept blowing into their eyes

MG was so proud of her rocks that she found

Caleb really liked cleaning off his fossils. This was a great opportunity to talk about how fossils are treated and made ready for museums

Here are all their “fossils” they UN-earthed.

So fun, sometimes homeschooling can be really awesome!



  1. Julie

    This looks like a lot of fun. I would like to invite you to add this, and more of your great posts, to my weekly Mom’s library Link-Up.

    Thanks and be blessed,
    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  2. Erin

    So fun! Homeschooling IS awesome, I agree.

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