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Christmas Cooking

Holly Leaf Apple Pie

This is an easy way to make a beautiful pie!  I know this because I made it with 2 babies,one on each leg, hanging on me whining!  Thankfully daddy took them out back for 15 minutes so I could finish up, but from start to finish it only took about 30 min.

I had seen some “leaf” decorated pies in magazines but they all required that I go and buy a special cookie press.  I wanted to get that same look using what I already had.  So I dug out this holly cookie cutter from my childhood that my mom passed down to me.

Roll out your dough to about 1/8 inch before you cut (use plenty of flour on your cutting surface). This gives the leaves a nice organic shape once they heat up in the oven.

If you don’t have a leaf shaped cutter just take your knife and cut the leaves out freehand – For the holly leaf make 3 backwards c’s connected to each other on each side. Like this:

For the vein detail I just took a toothpick and pressed it into the center of the leaf and pulled it out.  And that’s it! 

I laid out the leaves started on the outer edge and just built them up in three rows until the center.  In the middle I used a little leftover crust to form 5 holly berries and stuck them on top.

When you lay your leaves out vary them so that they overlap each other and leave little holes for the steam to escape.

Then just brushed it with egg whites and baked it for the time my recipe called for.  I love the hollies because they will be perfect for Christmas!

*One quick tip: use a large piece on foil and lay across the top of the pie VERY loosely.  Make sure it is just resting over it, not cover it.  it will help the crust to not burn but will not inhibit the baking of the pie.  ENJOY!

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