Cute Conversations

I was talking about how much I missed daddy when he was at work and told the kids that God would bring them someone one day that they felt the same way about.  They would be better serving the Lord together than apart, just like Daddy and I.

Caleb: “Mom I already know all about this stuff.  And besides I already know who I am going to marry……………. Mazie Grace!”

Me: “honey she is your sister, you can’t marry her, but God will send someone to you that you will feel special about.  They will be a helper to you.  Like how Daddy helps mommy.  You know how he is calm and laid back, and I …”

before I could even get the next word in

Caleb: “…freak out a lot!

Me: “Yes, son, freak out a lot, you took the words right out of my mouth!”

What is that they say about “out of the mouth of babes!” ;o)


I was giving MG one of her weekly beauty treatments as we call it, aka combing her hair in the bathtub with loads of conditioner in it.  As I was combing she said, “mom, I love you.  I am so glad that I adopted you from my birth mommy” …so cute and very sweet


Caleb at bed time… “so God is like our space daddy and daddy is like our earth daddy?”  Yep, that’s just about right I think.


After driving to listening to some worship music MG were walking into Publix this weekend to grocery shop and she says. “mom that was a great ride, I was just in the back worshiping the king.”


So they may not get it ALL or maybe they are getting TOO MUCH, I can’t decide!  But at least I know they are listening! ;o)

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