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My Morning- A Symphony of Chaos

Pardon me, but I just need to vent for a moment, ahem…

Awoke to a wet cami with milk all over me, arrived downstairs with baby in toe to discover a hot downstairs.  Seems Caleb has decided once again that he is a grown up who needs to “tweak” the thermostat.  You can imagine my dismay after telling him yesterday in no uncertain terms what would befall him should he touch them again.  So after turning everything back on and taking care of business I get breakfast on the table.  After 5,000 requests for the one more thing they need on their plate and picking all the breakfast out of Joshua’s hair (he was wearing double what he ate) we headed up stairs to get dressed.

While I’m in the shower Caleb points to the adjacent tub and asks, “ooo, what is that?”  After discovering the big pile of dried poop in the tub I finish getting clean as quick as possible and hop out to clean up the poop- which is going to require more than just a wipe and some elbow grease.  SO, i leave that to dry off when I find out that MG has filled the toothpaste tube with water and shaken it all over the upstairs carpet, so while I may be clean the carpet is filled with blue gunk EVERYWHERE.  Still trying to get dry while both babies are screaming at an ear piercing level hanging onto my wet legs shoving each other out  of the way and pulling my towel off…. and it is only 10:00.

Phew… I don’t know about you, but I feel better to at least document the insanity.  Hopefully you feel better because the above has not been your morning!  My 2 older brothers always joke with me about our life and I usually say “feeling down, just call me and ask how it is going, and you will usually feel better about things in your house!”

Thank you Lord for a little humor to deal with mornings like this, and thank you for the privileged of being here amidst the chaos.  Because even though there are days that make me just want to run and hide, I wouldn’t trade any of it.  Raising disciples is messy and hard, but it is the best job that could ever be.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Katherine

    Love it Carrie! Put it all in perspective!

  2. Jessica Fields

    I have had many hectic mornings where I was pulled in so many needs and only one of me! I smiled as I read this… in a few short years we will look back on these days and miss the “chaos” maybe not dried poop! But a house filled with noise, love and laughter. You are an amazing mom and an encouragement to me.

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