An Easy Princess Cake for a Cute Princess Celebration

We are getting ready to celebrate MG’s 4th Birthday, and I am excited to share with you all the projects I have been working on for her little family gathering later in the week. But it got me thinking about last years celebration and I thought it would be fun to share the simple princess cake I made  for her incase you have a princess or 2 running around in your home! (these pictures were taken with my old camera, not the best, but you get the idea)

With that being said, I have to disclose this, I am not a fan of the whole Disney Princess theme that seems to be EVERYWHERE!  Actually I hate it.  I don’t like the idea of drowning my baby girl in fairy tales that aren’t true and that focus on the superficial aspects of life and love.  Instead I would rather show her that she is a princess because her heavenly father is the King of Kings.  Beautiful, yes, but not because she has a pretty smiling face, but rather a heart that shines for Him!

Our theme for the dinner was “the princess and her papa”.  My dad and MG’s birthday’s are the 18 and 19th so we had a joint dinner.

As part of her celebration, my mom bought her a sweet princess dress and I got her a tiara to her with it.

For the cake I just bought a dollar store tiara and embellished it with some extra jewels.  I made a regular old vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and put the tiara on top.  I finished it off with some large sprinkles I bought from Michael’s.  I wrote, “Happy birthday to the princess and her papa.”  with a can of writing icing also from Michael’s.  The edge of my cake was a little uneven so I made a swirly design with the pink icing to distract the eye.  And that was it, cute, easy, and yummy!

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