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I is for Insect

I is for Insect Lunch: Fruit and Nutella

We just finished our I is for insect unit and I had to go ahead and post this fun lunch we had this weekend (you can see the rest of the unit here).  We had a bunch of fruit left over from MG’s butterfly birthday that needed to get eaten, so I pulled out what we had and got to work.  I did the best I could to match colors and shapes of what we had to real insects.  I served our lunch with deli turkey rolled up and a small bowl of yogurt on the side.  I also added 2 vanilla wafers that I used to write I’s on and spelled out the word insect.

The key to this lunch is making your own piping bag: use a ziplock baggie and fill it with a couple of spoonfuls of Nutella (make sure you seal it closed at the top- on my first attempt I had Nutella squirting out everywhere!).  Then cut a tiny corner off of the bag and squeeze the Nutella out using it like icing and then just draw with it.  Super easy and it allows you to make all those small details that make the insects cute.

Here is what I used:

Spider: a thick slice of banana with pretzels for legs

Caterpillar: green grapes cut in half laid in a line

Ladybug: 1 strawberry with a flat top and a red grape cut in half for the head

Bee: a slice of pear with 2 pretzels for the wings and green grape for the head

Dragonfly: A red apple slice with 2 green apple slices cut in half for the wings

I used nutella for decorating stripes, wings, dots and webs and used sprinkles for the eyes.

Happy insect-eating!

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