Picture Update!

I haven’t put pictures up in a while, so here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks.

At the zoo with Papa.
For those who didn’t see my Facebook update the other day, Caleb decided he would give MG a hair cut while I was in the shower a few days ago. When I went to throw away my q-tip here is what I found! After this I found PILES of curls in her shoe (nice hiding spot, huh?) and in her bed. They managed to cut off about 1/4 of her beautiful curls. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to even out the damage and make the bald spots blend in. Oh what fun!
My pensive policeman.
Daddy and Caleb- my boys in blue.
Caleb riding his bike without training wheels. We have felt so guilty because we just haven’t had the time to work with him on riding. So we took him out a few weekends back and in 5 minutes he got it! No falls, just away he went, he is so gifted in anything athletic, we are very proud of him.
Does it get cuter?
JP and MG playing pony and koala
We joke all the time about how I owe Miss Pattycake my LIFE! This is how I get school done most days. Every child in our house has loved Miss Pattycake and I must admit that I have become one of her biggest fans, I seriously don’t know what I would do without her!
MG figured out how to pump on her own and now she is a swinging fool. She usually swings while singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy” Now whenever Joshua asks to swing or slide looks at you and says, “holy, holy, holy?” like that is what you call it!
Mi Mi loves to swing too. Just look at that belly poking out! His favorite word these days is “foo” If you need his attention all you have to do is say Mi Mi, you want some food? And he starts shouting FOO FOO!
I have to document these curls in case daddy gets his way and makes me cut them. Oh I just can’t do it yet, I just love them!
And of course the update would not be complete without my little nakey vaccumer. I couldn’t resist since nothing is showing. ┬áSuch a helpful little love!

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