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Valentines Day Sensory Bin

I wanted to post this today because tomorrow through the weekend will be the perfect time to pick up items on clearance for a sensory bin for next year.

If you don’t already have one, it is a fun thing for the little ones to play with and even my older one uses it to build scenes with.

Caleb made “The Love Shop” out of the sensory bin.

Jeremiah thought it would be fun to climb in the bin and throw everything out! Lots of fun for him not so much for me, I will be finding little hearts until next valentines.

I get almost all my special occasion sensory bin items on clearance for 75% – 90% off.  Because it doesn’t really matter what you put in them you can wait and just pick up little left overs that go on big sale.

Here is what is in mine:

  • Table scatter plastic hearts
  • Valentine theme erasers
  • Small plastic heart boxes
  • 1 wooden heart box
  • Heart clapper
  • Heart cookie cutter
  • Heart measuring cups (these were a major score on clearance usually they are pricy)
  • 2 silicone heart molds
  • Valentine colored pom poms
  • 1 foam valentines house
  • Small glitter hearts
  • Red lips case
  • A wooden valentines heart decoration

Happy Valentines Day from us to you!

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