Farm Pillows & Button Sewing

We have been studying goats, cows, and now this week horses.  In an effort to combine some practical life skills, a fun craft, and our school units I came up with this little pillow project.  I found these cute farm buttons on clearance ages ago and knew that I had to use them for something.  So I grabbed some scrap fabric, a few fabric markers, our buttons, and my not sew friendly sewing machine (get it, sew) Ha!  Ok, I know, I am not that funny, but I have to try every now and again!

If my bobbin wasn’t evil than this project would have been really simple, but it took me the better part of the day just trying to figure out why my bobbin kept on getting all snarled up.  Oh how I wish a was a great seamstress.   Anyway, I finally got it and managed to sew a few straight lines and wha-la, a pillow!

The kids LOVED this. Since it took some time we just worked on it off and on all day while doing all of our regular school and household chores.  I taught Caleb how to sew on a button and he did his own button (oh his wife will thank me one day) and he also thought stuffing the pillow was really fun.  Here is a quick run down of how we put it together if you want to give it a go.

Here are the buttons we used.  I paid a whopping .79 for them.

I stitched together 2 rectangle scraps for the grass and sky and then used the gingham again for the back.

The kids drew their farm scenes on the front and I added all of their animal buttons where they wanted them.

Then we added a button for the sun

Stitched them up, leaving a small hole to add the stuffing, and then stitched the hole closed once they were all stuffed.

And that was it!  Cute, cute!

For another fun farm related craft check out Bully the Ball Catching Bull Craft.


  1. Beth says:

    Your farm pillows came out so cute! I bet they are so proud of their pillows!!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT day =-)

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for hosting Beth, it’s always fun to link up with you!

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