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C is for Cow

The Farm Units: G is for Goat, C is for Cow, and H is for Horse (mfw 12-14)

We have had three weeks studying farm animals so I thought it would be best to combine it all into one post.  Caleb is making great strides in reading and so I have been supplementing lots of activities to really challenge him.  This has left less time for other craft projects, but I am fitting them in where I can.  Here are some of the fun highlights from these 3 units.  We have also started a morning circle time with all four kids  (when I say circle time it is more like running in circles than sitting in one!) but we use this time for our daily bible study and book reading.  It has been a good addition and I look forward to everyone being able to sit together like this more in the future!

We used our Goat play dough mats for a textile letter activity. You can download them for free right here.

We painting these little wooden goats I found on clearance at Micheals.

We ate a dairy lunch for our Cow unit: mac and cheese, yogurt, crackers with cream cheese spread, cheese blocks, and chocolate milk. I added a chicken roll up and a mini apple for my peace of mind, and chicken and apples are from the farm too! 

We did this neat science experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap. You just fill a dish with a thin layer of milk and add drops of food coloring into it.

When you pour in the dish soap, it reacts with the fat in the milk and swirls the food coloring all around. It was really neat to watch and made really pretty colorful designs.

We made Bully the Ball Catching Bull Cow from an empty plastic animal cracker bottle. He is one of my favorites, what a cute little guy! You can see our full tutorial and post on that right here.

We made farm pillows to celebrate the end of our farm units! This was a fun project and something the kids will have for a long time. Our full post on the pillows including a tutorial on this is right here.

These were fun units and it was great to be able to include the younger ones as they learned about the animals and the sounds they make.  Now onto wild animals, I think I know a thing or two about those, I live with four of them! ;o)


  1. Dawn

    I am absolutely in LOVE with your MFW K posts – you do such fun, hands-on activities in conjunction with MFW K’s suggested activities! If only you weren’t a few weeks behind us…we are on Kangaroo this week.

    I will definitely be bookmarking your blog for future reference when we do MFW K with our youngers over the next few years! 🙂

    THANKS for sharing!

    • admin

      Hi Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by. Your comment made me laugh, I wish we were further ahead too! ;o) We actually are starting Kangaroo next week but it takes me a bit to get the posts up. SO maybe If I get a spurt of energy, doubtful ;o), and you all slow down for a week we will meet up! We LOVE MFW. It has been such a fun year and a great way to go slow and enjoy learning through life, creation, and fun! I wish I had more time to do more fun stuff, but then again there is always next year and the next. Have a great weekend and thanks again!

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