Surprise, I’m a person too!

I know that this news comes as quite a shock to my children.  But none the less I had to remind them today that I, yes me, the robot like, ninja mommy who flies around here all day sweeping up crumbs, wiping bottoms, and teaching school is in fact a PERSON.

Not even 2 and this little guy can play soccer with the best of them!

This morning all four of them were screaming – crying – melting down- ALL AT ONCE while trying to get out the door to home school group.  It was one of those major loose your cool moments, you know the ones.  I just threw up my hands, sat down, looked at em straight in the eyes and said it, well, more like screamed it, “I”M A PERSON TOO!  I HAVE FEELINGS AND YALL ARE ABOUT TO PUT ME RIGHT ON OVER THE EDGE!”  Not my greatest parenting moment ever, but one that needed to happen none the less.  Sometimes these little tyrants children of mine need to be reminded that we are all in this together and God has super human limits, but I do not.  I am fearfully and wonderfully human.  I need their help and cooperation, I need their love and understanding.  This team only works if we are all willing to chip in and get the job done TOGETHER.

Oh my sweet Mae Grey, this is the  classic pout.  The face that mama sees lots and lots of days.

An hour later as all four kids were sitting nicely at the lunch table eating with friends, no one would have ever known what an awful start to the day we had.  But I just want to be the one to say it, everyone has days, moments, mornings, like we had (or at least I hope they do!)  And it is ok, in fact, it is in these moments of total chaos where real transformation can take place.  When your kids can see you for who you REALLY are, a human being with a busted up heart that longs for more just like them.  Seeing you, really seeing you, builds compassion in their hearts and truth in their bones.

After it was all said and done, and my oscar award-winning speech had been made, they said they were sorry and so did I.  We climbed in to the car and off we drove.  But as we stopped at the stop sign and hung a left they had a new perspective.  They realized that they were not only my children but my teammates.  And that we needed each other and that is why God gave us to each other as family.

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