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Easter/Resurrection Day

A Song and Link for Holy Week

Did you know passover just passed?  It was Monday.  The jews (born jews and grafted in one- that’s me!) celebrated our exodus from slavery.  And the passing over blood cover doors and the sparing of first-born children…

Can you imagine those mammas that night?  Holding their child to their breast, snuggling them close, trying to choke out the heavy fear, watching the rise and fall of their chest as they slept – praying – begging that it wouldn’t be their last breath, trying desperately to put on a brave face and REALLY TRUST HIM for the one in her arms.

Praying to God, silently pleading through the dark hours, that the death angel would really pass.  I. can’t. begin. to. fathom…  Those moments, that night, the wailing outside their walls, the relief when the SON began to shine!!

FREEDOM!    LIFE!    HE IS FAITHFUL, for he passed over!

This song has been my constant soundtrack during the last few weeks.  I wasn’t even making the connection between it and the upcoming celebrations.  But it is my song for this week.  If you can, take a minute of quiet, alone with Him, turn the lights off, or close your eyes and just let it wash over you… you will be blessed. (this is u-tube so there is an ad first, who knows what it will be on your screen, just sayin…)

And for those of you interested in incorporating some of the celebrations of biblical passover in your own easter/resurrection celebrations there is a great download here on Ann Voskamp’s blog that will help you do it.

Have a blessed Holy Week my friends.  What a blessing it is to remember His faithfulness with you.

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