Planting a Resurrection Garden: Our Story Told in it’s Roots

I never thought of it until today.  Our story of redemption, the perfect begining, the hard fall, the surrender unto death and sweating of blood, the raising and the telling of the good news to Mary…

All of it was unearthed in the garden.

Our life, our story is clothed in dirt.  Our very creation was from the dust of this life giving soil.  I wonder if His hands were black with muddied dirt as he formed Adam?  Did it smell of peat and loam and clay as he breathed life into the masterpeice of man?  What was it about the GARDEN that He chose to make it the stage onto which humanity would unfold?

Is it the cycle: seed, to root, to life, to death, and then to life again?  Does it’s deep earthen soil have the room to possibly hold the weight of the fall and surrender of the God Man?   Or is it in the beauty that He reveals that death has lost and LOVE has won, and we are finally free because HE IS RISEN?

Whatever the reason, God chose the garden for His story to be written in.

And so, as Good Friday approaches and we we wait for what they couldn’t see until the third day, we get our hands working, planting, growing life in the garden.  Reminding ourseelves how small and of the earth we really are- just dirt.  And we create and plant as He once did.  We remember His quiet retreat to Gesemeny and the painful burden he willingly bore for us.  We remember Mary only able to see a gardener instead of the Christ until He had mercy and opened her eyes to the risen truth.  We remember Him in the begining.  Walking with the two he loved in the cool of the day in the Garden. And we long for the day that we will walk with Him with dirt stained feet, a perfect new earth squeezing up between our toes.  For He Has Risen and so one day, will we.


  1. brenda white says:

    Its me again. When you see you have a comment you are probably like oh yea I wonder who it is, and then it’s me again.:) I can’t help myself. Just have to tell you again that you amaze me! I cannot picture having the time or energy or brain power to take all my kids to lowes to get a list of specific things for a specific project that I have created on my own, and then actually putting it together and it looking amazing and the kids loving it. Esp working with dirt etc!:) Your creativity is SUCH a gift and it’s just awesome that God is using it thru this blog to share it with others. I know it touches so many people daily! I think God is really going to use it to give moms like me practical things to do for special occasions that are awesome and that are SO good for us bc we feel creative and like we did something special and like we can pat ourselves on the back and feel like a good mom.:) Not that we need to do that because we ARE good moms, but you know with how we beat ourselves up, its awesome to actually pull something off. And, being easy and gentle on ourselves and just doing whatever we can with what we have….and if we can’t do it bc of life going on then that is okay…and that we can do things like this ANY time and its just as special to them. SO you are encouraging moms big time by giving them parts of your amazing brain!!! I don’t know if that makes sense, and you know I can’t say what I am trying to say without using lots of words. 🙂 It’s funny, you know how you picture someone else’s family as having it all toggether etc. When i look at your pictures of the kids doing the craft etc I totally think that. But then I remember real life and I remember that what you are doing is NOT easy, even though creativity comes naturally to you. That you are pouring it all out for them and that there may be fighting and things may be a mess and it may feel disastrous to you- but what we see (others looking in) is I would bet, what the kids feel and remember. I have the best memories of things like that growing up and am so thankful for the efforts of my parents to do anything together! I don’t remember if my mom yelled or if we were fighting or whatever. So no matter how things go for each of us on a day to day basic, the kids KNOW our love and that is what they need most and that is what they remember- they remember what the pictures show.

  2. Lisa says:

    Lovely! I made one, too, but so very different than yours! Great object lessons, isn’t it? Thanks for linking up with Share It Saturday!

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