Instead of Baskets

Ok, I have to confess, I AM STILL AT THE EMPTY TOMB OVER HERE.  I can’t get over it.  His love is just so great for us.  I keep telling myself it’s time to move onto the next thing, but I think I am camping out here for a while.

Just. breathing. it. in… letting it live through me.

A little after easter truth?

This was the first year I didn’t do easter baskets. Me, the crafty- holiday lovin mama that I am, with no baskets for my kids.  In the past I have gone all out.  Filled them to the brim with cute stuff I hunt for, for weeks.  And then this year came and I just felt tired and over it and sick off all the money we waste on junk.

SO, i sat them down and had a talk.  We talked about how we have so much and excess and excess and more excess.  And how most everyone has NOTHING, literally NOTHING.

We decided as a family do something different.

We gave each child 10 dollars, money that I would have used to go toward a basket, and then they took turns putting it in this envelope.

The kids decorated it and we talked about how they could use their little lives to invest in another life.  To bring someone home who didn’t have one.  To be part of God’s work in the loving of His children.

They were excited about it, and I cried.  The power of little lives turned with hearts toward heaven’s work is always humbling and moving and overwhelming.

Who knows for who and when this money will be used, right now we are just living today, loving our crew and trusting that God will let us know when and how we can invest in His kingdom’s work of adoption.

Our hope is that this will be an ongoing practice.  To add to this envelope over the months to come.  To give instead of get.  I am praying for their hearts, that He would place this desire in them as only HE can.  That they would begin NOW to live lives that give away…

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