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Joshua 1:7 Police Birthday Party With Free Printables

It has been almost a month since we celebrated our first-born turning 6, but I haven’t had the time to get this post together until now. We usually do smaller family parties, but this year we decided to bless Caleb with a full-blown shin-dig with a bounce house, friends, family, and party favors. He is a very social little guy and is also my big helper around here and so we felt like this would be a great opportunity to show him how much we appreciate him and how proud we are of the godly man he is growing up to be.

He chose the Police theme and I chose to add in the verse from Joshua to make it more than just fun.  This is my first time adding in a verse for a theme party, but I LOVE THIS IDEA and am planning on doing it from now on. It is a great way to shine the light of Christ to those who come to the party and to also give the one you’re celebrating something to learn and grow in, what a great gift!

So without further ado here are some highlights from our police party.  As always this was all done on a small budget and most of it homemade.

At the end of the post I am including some of the files I used for the party for you: a blank invite and envelope, the Joshua 1:7 badge (for magnets or labels), and also our thank you labels. My prayer is that these would be a blessing to you and help you throw a meaningful and fun party for someone you love.

I made a badge for the door out of silver foam core and some scrapbook stickers.  Then just printed out our theme verse and added it to the door.

I used a police scrapbook sticker kit to make a little Officer Caleb by just attaching a picture for his head and hung him from our chandelier.

I used these little wooden cars from Hobby Lobby to decorate the tree on my island where I served the food




A homemade police belt for the birthday boy. This whole set up was around $40 at the party store, so I made my own. All you need is a black belt, a police kit from the dollar store, and book rings from an office supply store. Just hole punch your belt with as many spaces you need to hang things from and then attach the items using the book rings. If you already have a belt than it would only cost a few dollars for the police stuff and rings!

Pre-decorated cake. I just made a 2 layer sheet cake and carved it to resemble the shape of a car

To decorate I bought the Wilton spray color in the can for the blue and silver and then just used the colored writing tubes for everything else.

I didn’t want to waste the cake I had to carve away so I used my extra carved out cake to make these handcuffs.

We made Police Punch by freezing some well cleaned plastic police gear in the ice ring. You can find these items at the dollar store. Just wash, and then freeze them into the ice ring!

We made this target from an old piece of dry erase board we had in the garage to use with a Nerf gun. I just used large sharpies to color it in and the suction cup darts stuck perfectly!

Our Thank you’s for our guests included: Cop Corn, Donuts for the road, A Joshua 1:7 badge magnet, and a pair of handcuffs. I made the labels for both treats. I put the donuts in a snack size ziplock and then just folded the label over the top and stapled. I made the magnet by printing it on cardstock from the file at the end of this post and then ran it through my laminator with magnetic backing laminate.

Our finished thank you bags.  I used white lunch bags and our printed labels that you can download at the end of this post.  All together each bag only cost about $1.50!

Lots of fun had by all!  And thank you to Matt Russel for helping to take some awesome pictures for us!

You can download the police party files I made here, ENJOY!


  1. gina

    do you have a file for the tags you made for the Donuts or Cop Corn?

    Thank you!

  2. Stacie Hammett Horton

    Do you have the “Doughnuts” or “Cop Corn’ printables available?

    • admin

      Hi Stacie, I borrowed part of those images I used from Google and so therefore I can’t provide the printable as I don’t have correct permissions to share some of the clipart. Sorry! But you can always try and find similar clipart out there and make one yourself in any editing program! Thanks so much and I hope you can re-create these with ease! ;o)

  3. Tonya

    What editing program do you recommended? I just attempt these things on word and have a hard time.
    Cute party! Love the scripture you included.

    • admin

      Hi Tonya, I use Photoshop. Yeah, word is really difficult to use for graphic related things. But I know photoshop is expensive and has a pretty steep learning curve. One idea would be to make sure to use the “publishing view” in word when trying to do creative stuff, it makes it a little bit more easier to place things and put text elements in boxes that can be moved around. It is under the view tab. Hope that helps! :o)

  4. amanda

    do u have the pop corn and donuts label design file?

    • admin

      I used clip art that I don’t own from google, so I can’t provide them, sorry! :o)

  5. Richelle

    Hi! I was wondering if yo had a printable for the sign you hung on the door. I know in the file you have above you have the little badges with the verse, but not the large sign with the verse.


    • admin

      Hi there Richelle, I don’t have that, I am sorry. Somehow in the making I didn’t save the larger version.

  6. Sandra

    Thank you for sharing! I love the way you tied Joshua 1:7 into the party theme. I’m going to duplicate for my son’s 4th birthday.

  7. Socorro

    Your ideas are absolutely GREAT! My son is going to flip when he see’s all these goodies.

  8. Chelsea

    Hello i love what the Lord gave you concerning your son birthday . My son Joshua is turning 5 on Dec 15th. so i ask my pastor if i could use the church fellowship hall on Sat to host his party. So thanks be to God for you sharing your invitation and party theme to witness the word of God throughout party.

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