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Lost in TranSLAYtion: The Sin of Ingratitude

We all do it, starting with Eve on down the line to us, we have all chosen ingratitude.  Some of us choose it daily, some muck around in it for years building our lives on it, like a shaky corner-stone crumbling beneath our own weight.  No matter where you are on that spectrum – we are all INGRATES.  We come by it honestly.  Since the fall of man it has been part of our DNA – what is passed down in us, through us.  That thing, that chasm wide and deep, separating us from HIM.   It can look like a lot of other things, it can masquerade as discontent, selfishness, depression, the advancement of self, protection from fear, but in the end IT IS ALL INGRATITUDE.

I am just getting this – waking to it for the first time, like the mud and HIS spit have just this moment fallen away and my eyes, for the first time, CAN REALLY SEE.  It feels slippery – like I can’t quite hold it yet.  Ingratitude is SIN, raw ugly bitter sin.  It was the original sin that sent Adam and Eve running in shame from the Garden, slumped, defeated, and alone.  The decision that what God had provided wasn’t enough.  That they just needed more…

Sound familiar?  I know it rings in my ears, my daily struggle to say yes to what His hand holds for me.  To open my hand to it and not plan and ponder for more or other.  Not looking to the right or left.  I hear Him daily say, like he did to Peter, “what is that to you? You follow me!

We want equality, justice, our own ideas of how things should work out, I CLING TO THESE THINGS.  I pray my ideas are His, but sometimes, a lot of times, they aren’t.

The thing is, that ingratitude doesn’t just exist, it has to be birthed, born, brought to life.  And it’s life is given in our listening to and believing the wrong tranSLAYtion of the truth.  Like Eve our ears are ever attentive to the serpent: the master TranSLAYtor of them all.  Taking the truth and twisting it just that 20% or so.  Not enough to be blatant and in your face, just enough to sound really good but be TOTALLY WRONG. Did He really say, “you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

Do you hear it?

The seemingly small 20% degree slant that changed EVERYTHING?  “you must not eat of any trees?”  That subtle tranSLAYtion of God’s truth plants the seed of ingratitude.  It pits us against Him- Eve against her maker, provider and lover.  Makes Him look like the withholder, not the giver that He really is.

Satan “the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made” is a master tranSLAYtor.  His words breathed out of hot hatred and fire are meant to SLAY you.  Meant to take the life-giving truth he knows will bring us life and turn it on its head and use those same words to level us without our even knowing it.

So when I think, “uhhh it’s raining again, and the kids are restless, and I am tired and want to see the sun, and I don’t like this day.” I have listened to the wrong script.  I have birthed the lie and taken what was given for watering life, and rest for slowing my frantic pace and I have stomped on it, and thrown it away and labeled it NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  I have believed the lie and then birthed it through my own thoughts, words, and deeds.  I have sinned in my ingratitude and pitted myself against my loving Father who ultimately just wants to give me good things.

There is only 1 truth to live by and one tranSLAYtion that lies to us all.  There isn’t middle ground here, it is either from God and therefore good or it isn’t.

Which one are you building your life on?  The ingratitude that seems to form the very culture all around us?  Those who place brick after brick trying to seek out their own way and plan and plot to make sure they get what they want – what they think they deserve?  Believing the lie that the One who made us is withholding from us and can’t really be trusted?  That traSLAYtion is easy to hear because it screams from tv’s, and newspapers, and friends, and family, and from our own rotten flesh.

The only hope we have of not believing the wrong translation, of not birthing the lie, is to live Thankful and to practice purposeful gratitude.

Not the gratitude that overflows out of emotion because you are so happy over this or that. But the kind that flips the script and throws it in the face of the lying tranSLAYtor.  By opening your hand and saying thank you to the author of the Truth.  Thank you for everything.  For the coffee by my side, and the music playing in my ears.  For the long days, and sick kids, and trials that drag on for years, and for the pain of this life that KEEPS ME COMING BACK TO YOU.

The only way to live in truth is to also live in gratitude.

It helps us hear the subtle twist that is aimed at annihilating us.  It helps us see the deceiver for what he is and to TAKE OUR FATHER at HIS WORD, and build on HIS TRUTH, not some version of it, but the real thing-solid and unchanging.

Gratitude is our way back to the garden.  It is choosing to see His love letter written to us daily in each moment in all the little things.  It is ultimately our redemption.

But before we are redeemed, transformed – from ingrates to worshipers with open hands- we have to see it.  To open our blinded crusty human eyes to the great separation that ingratitude really brings.  And instead choose to see it all as GIFT and GRACE coming from the hand of our Father.  We have to hear it, live in it, SPEAK IT, write it.

Embrace the TRUTH of gratitude.

That all things are from Him and that He is loving us in all these moments in all these ways day after day.  In the small and big and painful and hard and wonderful, IN IT ALL, no matter how it feels.

Ahhh that one hurts… no matter how it feels HE is loving us Home.  Calling us unto Him.

And so we choose GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS as our posture, as our angle, as our TRANSLATION.  And we build our lives on it, one love letter at a time, counting each day all the ways that He loves us – giving thanks for each one.

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