My Weekend Project and A New Section on the Blog

We are getting healthy over here!

My life the past 2 weeks has been learning this new language of REAL FOOD.  And I am going to be honest and tell you that IT IS NOT EASY!  I teared up in the grocery store last night because I was JUST OVERWHELMED.  Like anything new, this new language can seem, well, totally foreign.  I find myself reading labels, looking at prices, and doubting. Feeling like I can’t do this, but isn’t that just where He wants me?

This new food thing- nutrition stewardship it’s with Him, and for Him, and by Him really…

It has been about 2 years since I began to think about what we were REALLY eating (not just the fat and calories) but the actual food of it (or lack there of).  And in those days it seemed crazy, these health nuts spending all this time and money on health food.  It almost seemed like an elitist society that I was NOT a part of.

But then the Lord began showing me truth.  That when he created us, he had a way of living in these bodies, of nourishing them and enjoying them.  He has had a plan all along.  It’s just that we are so FAR, I mean really far from that first day when he breathed life into Adam and pulled Eve from his rib that it can seem foolishness to us…

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God…

ooo, yeah, that got me too, I have never looked at it like that.

Like PART OF HIS PLAN, like it mattered to Him what I put in my mouth or my kids mouths, but then aren’t we his temples?  And aren’t these earth suits the vehicle for HIS WORK and for HIS GLORY to shine forth?


So, to us it may seem foolish, but it’s not, just like the gospel – it can bring life to this body that He made.  It isn’t intended to be a legalistic burden but a way to walk in- a way that brings LIFE, better life, fuller life- the way He intended.

SO, here is where I am… baby steps.

I mean little tiny baby steps, trying to walk this road and put my feet in the prints that He is laying ahead of me. Working toward being a better steward of our bodies: mine, my husbands, and my kids.

Just like home education or finances this is another area we are asking that He lead us and direct our path.

So, you wanna come along?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  Ha, well you may, or you may not, but starting today I am going to be adding this journey to my blog posts.  You will find all these posts in a new section called Nutrition Stewardship right there next to the Homeschooling link in the top menu bar.

Now, let me just clarify by saying I AM NO EXPERT, I think we have covered that. I have fed my kids every kind of processed food out there and I have a definite soft spot for Cool Ranch Doritos!  But I do think there is power in the journey and discovery of truth and so that is what I am going to be sharing.  Little tips, recipes that I find and try, and ways I am using this new language to help disciple my children in the ways of the Lord.

Ok. So, with that said let me share our step one: the clean out:

We spent the weekend cleaning out our pantry, fridge, and freezer with the goal of eliminating everything that contained: partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, and any colored dyes like red#40.  Now we did keep a couple of things like the Gatorade for when kids are sick.  But for the most part we did it.

We also re-did our snack bin.  I have a bin that the kids can choose from for an “on their own snack” when I don’t have time to put something together in the kitchen.

So we are made over!  Our house is cleaner and our pantry is MUCH MUCH LIGHTER! I am excited as we work on adding in the things that need replacing and get some new things as we work on eating simple, more whole food.

And here is where the overwhelm comes…

I am trying to do this whole eating thing along with weight watchers for both hubby and me.  So my goal is meals that everyone will eat, that will be packed with healthy whole food, but that will still be low enough in points for us to keep losing the extra pounds.

This is the second phase of our little plan we have concocted.  I switched from Jenny Craig about 3 weeks ago when I couldn’t eat that processed lab created food anymore.  It was a HUGE blessing to help me get off my first 20lbs.  But now we are moving in a different direction.  I am down another 6 since switching so 26 in total and hubby is down 25.  He is leaving his nutri-system food to join me on this path of whole food eating too.

So there you have it, here we are, and here we go!  I hope you will come along with us and that our journey can serve as a blessing to you along yours!



  1. Bren says:

    IN SPIR A TION!!!!!!!!!
    26 lbs is AWESOME!!!!!
    Um are club crackers really out??

  2. Bren white says:

    Just reading over this again and am wondering what I am talking about when I asked if in crackers are really out!? Huh!??? I don’t see any mention if them nor do I recall your, mine, or our husbands or kids love of them? Do u get what I meant, bc I don’t!!;)

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