Resurrection in Full Bloom

I was just praying it would stay alive through Easter – to make its debut as the centerpiece of our table…

SOMETIMES the Lord’s plans are so much bigger then we think…  Better than we could imagine.

Sometimes what you think is the plan, REALLY isn’t the plan- it’s just the launching pad- the start- the jumping off spot- the free fall into true faith.

I am blown away at how this little garden is blooming, New life springing up – literally from the grave.  The white pure blooms totally covering the entrance to our little tomb. Blooming at the foot of the cross.  Isn’t that where He wants us- blooming at the cross?  Not for our own beauty but to point everyone to His?

Humble blessings for us, found in the everyday.  The way He takes the ordinary and turns it on its head – creating extraordinary.  This is His business, making something out of nothing, raising the dead and hopeless to new life.  Blooming beautiful new life out of a simple little plant- painting a picture of His plan and His Grace.

If he can do this with a simple garden – just imagine what He can do with a life…

A life planted at the foot of the cross.

Rooted in His resurrection from the grave.

Bowed low at his beauty.

And surrendered to His grace.

The possibilities are endless….

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