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WE did it!

Celebrating the end of his first year of school.  We have such a smart, sweet and thoughtful little guy, I am blessed to be his mama and teacher. Never mind that “Kindergarten” is misspelled on the sign!  Oh yes, I am the teacher here!  Hopefully I will learn to spell when I teach it to him! LOL!

Wanted a picture just like big bubba. And as usual never too far away from his Thomas 

And this goofy gander wanted in on the action too!

That’s right, year one homeschooling… DONE!  I laughed because I really should be the one holding up that sign(I mean let’s be real, right?), but me in my pajamas with hair like a bird’s nest would not have been nearly as cute.

We were thinking of going through the summer, but lets face it, MAMA needs a summer break!  So kindergarten is officially over and first grade and pre-k is on the horizon for next year.  This really is a special day because I remember wondering how we would do it, with 4 kids 5 and under.  Would anyone actually learn anything?   But here we are by the grace of God.  And you know what?  You want in on our secret of how we got it done?

One day at a time.  Some were great.  Lots were not.  We just kept plowing through one step at a time.  I love how God works it out in us.  We want to feel great about life, but he would rather make us GREAT-FUL about life, by teaching us to rely Him, knowing we can’t do it alone.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion we head out tomorrow for 2 days at a hotel in Orlando.  Just me, a pina-colada, the pool and my wonderful husband…  Oh yea and our four kids running amuck.  ;o)  Did I have you fooled for just a second?

Oh yes, a little alone time would be dreamy, but not nearly as adventurous.   Pray for us, we don’t venture out often!  Praying for lots of fun, a little sleep, for hearts that get along, and memories to be made by just being together.

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