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The Filling of Us

We are filled.  To the top, bubbling over the edge, overflowing… and yet completely empty.

We were created as empty vessels, earthen vessels.  People that by our very nature require use: the filling and emptying is the necessity of our being.  And yet we have run from the ache of empty.  The un-comfort of being wholly dependant on another’s use of us, of someone else’s decision on how and when and with what to fill us.

We want our own way, to be masters of our own destiny.  To choose the filling and with what we are filled.  And so HE HAS LEFT US TO OUR OWN DEVICES and WE ARE STUFFED FULL of everything BUT HIM.

Filled and overflowing with information, news, education, Facebook updates, twitter feeds, food, plans, money, our own self interests, self-awareness, activity, work, schedules, games, church, movies, comfort, pornography, lust, greed, business, laziness… shall I go on?

We are so FILLED so STUFFED -so ADDICTED – we don’t feel hunger anymore.

WE NEED TO BE HUNGRY, we need to want, to be without, to be dependant again on our source.  Because hunger must exist first before true filling can begin.  And the hunger that aches is the birthplace of real true unshakable faith.  Without the hunger we are just full, numb, and useless.


And so where do we go?  How do we begin to hunger again for the things that really satisfy?  To be used up and poured out and live for WHAT WE WERE CREATED TO DO.  TO BE THE VESSEL OF USE WE WERE MADE TO BE?


We must empty all that is filling us that is not of Him.  It is not that what currently fills us is inherently bad, it is just not what we were made to hold- to behold.

We were made for Him, for His crafting, measuring, making, using, pouring, forming…

To empty we must turn off all that is taking the empty space, hording our love, capturing our hearts and passions and time.  The TV, the internet, the blog, the phone, the social media, the books, the oven, the school,  the job the anything else that fills to the top and overflows that isn’t Him…

And then we must pursue Him, His book, His presence, His word, His worship – it will wash away “the full other” in a river torrent wild and He will pour into us the life-giving water we were meant to hold, to give, to pour and overflow with.

It will clean and refresh and give us back the privilege of living for the end, for the “well done good and faithful one”.

It will restore and set right and make new.

It will FILL wholly and SATISFY completely but first we have to be willing to enter the empty, embracing our purpose of Another’s use for Another’s glory.  To turn off the world loud and turn on the still and quiet Him.

The Him that fills only where there is room to flow and ebb.  The river wild is always running and bending and searching for a life to pour into- to fill up.  It will run lower and lower into cisterns deep and dark only because they are there empty and waiting to be filled.

He is pouring himself out every minute of every day, the question is, “Is there room for His water washing?”  Is there space to move and work and speak and lead?  Or are we filled up to the top before He pours?

And so He meanders on, willing, wanting, and looking for the empty one – ready and waiting to be filled.

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