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Join Me In Praying for Lainee Grace

One of the things I love about blogging is the people I have met along the way that I would have otherwise never have known.  Sometimes it can feel lonely in this space and I wonder if anyone reads what is poured out on pages in the middle of night, but  other times this space has linked my heart with sisters, forever sisters that love me across miles and allow me to do the same for them.

One of those sisters is Laura.  She has been such a sweet friend to me and truly a sister of the heart.  She has offered words to me just when I needed them and prayers when I was hurting and extended love beyond miles.  I am so thankful for her and for her brave mothering and steadfast devotion to follow the Lord no matter where He is leading their family.

A few days ago she was awakened to her daughter having a seizure ( a long one it seems) and since then they have been in the ICU with sweet Lainee seeking answers and trying to stabilize her.  Lainee came home about 2 years ago from Guang Zhou China and has thalassemia.  She is just a beautiful little love.  Although I have never hugged her in person, I have fallen in love with her contagious smile through the pages of Laura’s blog.  There is much I could say, but I would rather you just go to Laura’s blog and “meet” her yourself.

I would be honored if this little community of readers would join me in lifting Lainee Grace, Laura, Chris, Laura’s mom (at home with the other 7 kids) and the rest of the family up as they endure this trial.  Pray for healing, wisdom, answers, perseverance, that God would be high and lifted up in this, and that all who see the way this family loves and fights for Lainee Grace would also see Jesus.

You can find out more on Laura’s blog “My Great Eight” right over here.

Thank you for coming together as the body and holding this little one up before the throne!

Love to all, Carrie

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