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Weaving a Family of Compassion

You all who read here regularly know me.  You know that my heart is for the rescuing of orphans – for the loving and the caring for them, but not everyone is going to adopt.  And sometimes adoption is not the best answer because there are families and children who want to be together and need help to do that.  They just don’t have the means for the basic of human rights, to live with one another in love.

I began years ago sponsoring through Compassion.  In fact I was in college when I found James laying on a table in the Northpoint hallway after 7:22 in Atlanta.  His face- across miles and borders and languages and poverty – drew me in.  The things that separated us could span for miles, but the love of Christ built a bridge that night and we began a relationship, he was only 6.  He was my first real connection to the land of Africa, to the red soil and smiling faces that would change my life the day I arrived in Ethiopia to adopt our first daughter.  The Lord used James to till up the soil of my heart to prepare the way for both my future daughter and son.  His dark skin and longing eyes exposed my heart towards loving the lost like nothing else ever could.  It made it personal.  It held me accountable, making my world broader and my heart more open to the call of God.

James is now 18 and since then we have added 3 more children to our family via sponsorship.  As we add another child under our roof we add one outside our roof as well.  It is how we build our family, one here, one there- building bridges, loving across miles.  This weaving of children and of love is powerful.  It is our prayer that it changes the lives of the children under our roof more than anything.  That it tills the soil of their hearts making fertile ground for the Lord to work.  That it makes them responsible for more than their own happiness and well-being, that it opens their eyes to the real need and love of Christ in a tangible way.

The power of an orphan from Ethiopia, found, rescued, and brought home enfolded into a family- reaching back and loving another little Ethiopian girl still with feet in the soil walking out life there is miraculous.  ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT!

And then there’s Joshua conceived in the dark of night through brute force and hate in a refugee camp in Tanzania.  Flown across miles hidden in the womb and literally delivered into our family without our even seeking him out.  And in his little 2-year-old scribble he encourages Richard with feet deep in the soil of Tanzania with constant medical needs and a family that is barely able to keep him alive.  These boys are loving each other across miles.  One rescued from, and the other rescued within, it doesn’t get better than that.

Then our newest little guy is in Asia with those almond eyes- He is our almond joy.  Jeremiah colors for him and looks at him on the computer screen and says “baby”.  God preparing the way, bringing Asia into the fold of our family.  I think there will be more almond eyes for us in the future and sponsorship is preparing the way of the Lord.

There is such beauty in weaving a family of Compassion: it opens our eyes to the height and breadth and depth of God’s love for His children.  It allows us the privilege of not only loving the least of these, but of enfolding them into our own family.  IT REALLY IS A PRIVILEGE – NOT A BURDEN.  To be co-laborers with Christ in loving His kids will change your life.  There is SUCH JOY HERE, in the giving, the connecting, the loving, and the weaving of a family without borders.  A family not contained under a roof in America but rather held together by the grace of God weaving a tapestry of love.

Will you join us?  Will you consider expanding your family in a different way?  Giving up the American norm for a family that is without borders and cannot be contained on one continent?  Could you give the gift of an eternal perspective to each of your children instead of a new video game or toy?

I know you are thinking about the money, but here is where we are.  We give HERE FIRST.  We aren’t tithers, we are givers.  It goes beyond 10% in a bucket every week.  It is about partnering with the Lord and allowing Him access to ALL of your resources to be used for His glory how He sees fit.  Personally I would rather feed a hungry child in the name of Jesus then supply air-condition for a room of comfortable christians on a sunday morning.  I know that may strike a chord and really for most people it isn’t a question of doing one or the other, but if it were, I know where my money goes.  I just believe that God will make a way in this no matter what your financials look like.  Choosing to love the least of these IS THE CHRISTIAN LIFE LIVED OUT, IT IS WHAT HE HAS ASKED US TO DO, WILL HE NOT SUPPLY THE FUNDS AND MAKE THE WAY?

Oh that one family would read this and begin to weave with us.  What a privilege…

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