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Nutritional Stewardship

Real Food Crash Course Session 2- My Favorite Resources

OK, so as I said in my last real food post I AM NOT AN EXPERT in any of this.  At best I am fumbling my way through it!  We figure our goal is a 90/10 lifestyle meaning 90% whole real food and 10% not.  But since we live in a real world with parties and weddings and utter exhaustion I figure we average more of 80/20 most of the time.  When we eat home it is pretty close to 100% real food, but there are times that eating out is not avoidable and sometimes it is a treat!  So anyway, here are all the places I have found helpful in our journey. I have no relationship with any of these folks, and don’t do affiliate links, so I am just recommending these because they have been helpful to me!

Must see Documentaries: (some of these are available on Netflix)


Food Inc.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – I know weird name, but good info


In Defense of Food: A great book on the history of food.  How it has changed and why.  Really informative but an in-depth read.

The Healthiest Kid on the Block: Really good info on whole foods and kids from a Dr.’s perspective also includes some good recipes

Great Blogs for Whole Food Info and Wonderful Recipes:

100 Days of Real Food

An Oregon Cottage

Food Renegade

Chocolate Covered Katie Dessert Blog


Eating Bird Food

Hopefully this list is helpful to you in your journey towards whole foods and becoming a good steward of your nutrition!

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