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More Than Just Marriage…

God knows.

He knows that sometimes you need more than just feelings, because feelings doesn’t walk halls at night with crying babies or fly over oceans to rescue children that were pushed from another’s womb, SERVANTS DO THAT.

He knew that 4 kids in 4 years would wear this woman down to a pulp of survival and that hairs would not be plucked diligently and legs would miss shavings for days and He would still love me the same, BECAUSE A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES.

He knew that there would be days that sleep deprivation would claim the best inside this weary heart and that building a family would become more than just the dream of a picket fence and a nice house.

It would become a mission and a ministry.

A mission that at times would feel more than a body can take, the weary-ness of battles that rage on and on without end.  Feelings aren’t enough to hold it up and hold it together when tears fall and there are thoughts of losing the ones you love.  ONLY A TEAM-MATE CAN HOLD YOU UP WHILE FIGHTING WITH YOU AND FOR YOU.

He knew that no ordinary love story would survive the crazy life He had for us.  We had no idea what we were getting into, really we didn’t even know each other.  He drove a truck and had nothing in his bank account.  I had always had a bank account but needed more healing than money could buy.  But, God knew and answered hopeless prayers utter in the dark of night when I felt really alone.  He knew that I would need a SERVANT, a FRIEND, and a TEAM-MATE for this journey – and He chose so well.

The last eight years of marriage have been a blessing and I consider it the highest honor that God gifted me with this man.  He is a treasure and a beautiful picture of the love of God to me as a wife, a mother, and a co-heir and laborer of Christ.  Marriage is a gift, but more, it’s a platform from which to serve.  It is a blessing, where much is given, – and so much is required.  It is His design for the weak to be made strong in unity so that the gospel can go forth in power.


  1. Kim

    Great perspective! Where is that beautiful chapel?

    • admin

      It is on the Campus of the University of Florida. My sweet Grandaddy built it and left it to the university as his legacy there. Our family had his memorial service in it just a year prior to our wedding, so it was a special place for a very special day! :o)

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