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And We’re Off: School 2013/14!

I have filed, laminated, cut, velcroed, planned, unplanned, and planned again until my brain is mush and my hands are callused, but we are READY to start school tomorrow!  Somehow last night at about 12:00 am I decided to scrap most of the boxed curriculum for Caleb, I know-great idea scrapping the $200 curriculum a day before school is to begin, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  The progression of the phonics is too slow and was not making sense to me (how can I teach him when I don’t even get it??), so I scrapped it and pulled form a bunch of other resources until about 1:30am and finally I am happy with our phonics.  I think simple is better, and my K just needs to get reading, so that will be my focus this first part of the year.  This year Caleb will be in 1st, MG PreK, and my littles will be majoring in CHAOS, didn’t you know that is a real grade, well, at least over here it is!?

My goal is to get Caleb fluent in reading and to teach both K and MG to become independent learners.  With four kids so close I need them to be able to learn and practice on there own while I am working with another, so we are using work boxes this year to aid in that.  The 2 older ones have a “me” box and then a “mom and me” box.  I have them staggered so each has independent work to work on like: listening center, typing, word puzzles, journaling, etc. while I “teach” the other.  The littles have tot activities that I will pull out each day for them to “work on” during school.

We will see!  All I know is this: the phonics, the bible time, the moments of encouragement and correction is my mission field – my discipleship program.  And so I am expecting God to show up.  Somewhere in the midst of my shortcomings and their many needs, my prayer is that God will be glorified and will instruct our hearts in Him.  If we just get Him this year, we have gotten more than enough.  I have planned it all out, tried to visualize how it will all go, but if I have learned anything in the past 6 years of parenting it is to expect that my plans will most likely be shattered to smithereens.

And what He comes in with will be so much better.

SO REMIND me of this will you!!??  When things fall apart and I am tired and weary and feel like a failure, remind me that He is in this, that this IS HIS IDEA.  Loving His lambs is close to His heart and so then, am I.  

Praying for a blessed year for all my fellow home disciplers out there.

I love looking at how others do school, so I thought it would be fun to show you our set up.  Our room is a play/school room.  I bought the bookshelves and little brown desk from target and the other furniture was given to us.  The rug and valence were cousin hand me downs and my chalk board and white desk were dumpster dive and craigslist projects.  I still need to finish my alphabet and add some labels, but I figured this was about as done as it ever is, not to mention tidy!  SO here ya go- I have never shown any one mission control before, YIKES!  I know it’s a bit much, and that I have a little storage box addiction/problem, but I am working on it! ;o)

Our morning cirlce time board

Mission Control. Now, to be fair, this is my school, gift, craft, sewing, and toy closet. ;o)

Our workboxes and manipulative storage inside mission control. I had to put workboxes in the closet this year as to avoid little hands dumping all of the boxes out. It is perfect because I can CLOSE THE DOOR! YEA!

MG’s work boxes. Gotta love the curly headed labels- couldn’t resist!

Thanks for reading friends, my love and blessings to each of you!

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