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A Long Overdue Picture Update: Summer 2013

Summer has been an overwhelming time for me for many reasons, but blogging has had to go into the “when I have time category” and there has not been any of that!  So here is my summer update, which is technically already over, although it sure doesn’t feel like it outside…

So first the BIG news, we gave up TV.  We have been praying about it for months, but I was patiently fearfully waiting until the right time, and finally decided that there wasn’t one.  So one day, to the shock of my husband, after the kids were fighting once again over what show to watch, I unplugged the 48 inch beast, hoisted it down and into the closet.  And that was it.  We turned off cable and rearranged our room.  It has been the best decision ever.  And a total miracle because not one of my children have complained or whined about it, not once,  CRAZY!!!!  I mean we are talking about some TV loving kids, but not a peep.  We did keep a TV plugged in upstairs for Friday night movie nights, so that is a nice treat for them and at least they won’t grow up totally weird.  :o)  I am truly so thankful that we did it.  There are times it gets loud and hectic and TV would be an easy go to, but overall it has just meant a lot more of this…

and this

In other news there have been plenty of things growing here besides my four kiddos

Some not quite ripe tomatoes

We got just a few blackberries this year, next year should be lots more

Our basket of herbs that have made every dinner yummier

and plenty of water play of course.  Which means loads of wet towel laundry-is it fall time yet?  I’m ready for cool breezes and pumpkins ;o)

His best Jeff Corwin impersonation

I have picture of me doing this same thing at this age, it’s like a trip back in time

Despite the ever increasing noise levels there have been sweet moments of love

Just what double sinks are made for

snacks are better sitting in laps

sweet kisses

And beautiful smiles

There have been days like this

and this

Caleb has been hard at work on more of his famous inventions

high tech Mickey Mouse ears

Homemade crutches- thank the Lord for loads of bright blue duck tape on the clearance rack!

His water bottle boat, he had a little help from mom on this one.

And we have learned that being confident in our masculinity is a wonderful freedom

They are so cute playing with the doll house, one of their favorite things latley

Of course dress up is always a fun go to

He is going to LOVE his sister for this picture at about age 12!

There has been time with family

And a few days at the beach

She was in her element in a full on dress, bow and all!

A blissfull 2 hour date for our anniversary while Mae Mae and Papa held down the fort

And a precious reminder why we have given up artificial food dyes- we don’t miss you red #40 – But just look at those juicy red lips! ;o)

And a very fun visitor to our backyard.  Caleb was in full animal discovery heaven!

SO that was our summer!  Blessings to all and thank you for reading here and being a part of our life. I am always humbled, encouraged, and blessed by your comments and your care.  Thank you!


  1. Deb Thompson

    Carrie, I have just, this morning, come across your website/blog. I printed up your Valentine printables (the black/white with red scripture). I am a pastor’s wife & hope to come up with a little treat to attach & hand out at church. My one & only miracle boy is 20 (will be 21 in a couple weeks!) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. I sure wish you lived next door, I feel as though we would be great coffee buddies! You are so wonderfully creative and have the truly sweetest spirit about you! WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS IMPORTANT & WILL HAVE ETERNAL EFFECTS ……KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! May many, many blessings chase you (and your family) down this year!

    • admin

      Deb, thank you for such kind words and encouragement to my heart! I woke up this morning and your comment was the first thing I read, now onto my quiet time. I can’t tell you how sweet it is to think of my little creation going into the hands of those who attend your church. What a blessing! Truly your words have encouraged my soul, thank you dear sister and many blessings to you and your family as well!

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