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Our First Few weeks of School & Interveiws

My intention was to do a first week post, but like most things in life that had to wait and so it has now become a first few weeks post! Things have gone really well, and everyone is excited each day for school time.  It has been A LOT more work than ever, but with adding a 5 day pre-k program and co-op classes to the mix that is expected.  Praying that my energy will kick in here in the next couple weeks as we level out (I think I have been praying for that for the last 6 years, so maybe I should not hold my breath!)  I have been battling fluid in my inner ear which has made me dizzy and not feel very good.  Still waiting for my appointment with the ENT, so hopefully he can help me get it cleared up and feeling better.  EVERYTHING is harder in life when mama is sick, so I am praying for healing so we can forge ahead.

I did something new this year and interviewed the kids with questions and wrote down their answers.  LIke a first week of school interview.  I LOVE THIS IDEA.  And hope to continue it for years to come.  I know they will love looking back on their answers in years to come, and so will I!  I got the idea and questions from Carisa over at 1 plus 1.  So without further ado here are some of the highlights of our last few weeks…

First Day “school supply present”. This is my solution to the shopping madness in the store. I like to buy things on clearance or big sale at different times of the year, many times in advance. So the idea of taking my kids school supply shopping just makes me see dollar signs.

To make it fun without that, I fill a huge box with all the new things each year including some of the cooler school books that came with curriculum. And then let them open it and rummage through on their first day.  Making it like a present is more fun than the shopping and they get a bunch of new stuff, but I didn’t have to pay top dollar and didn’t have to deal with them all wanting their own things and fighting crowds for school supplies!   And that’s Grams in the background she came for a visit on our first day!

Nothing like the first day of school feeling a bit like Christmas!

The little boys got in on the cookie making

Whole wheat coconut sugar cookies in the number or letter for our school year. Yum! 

I let the boys make the letter of their name since they don’t have a year yet. I was going to make them each decorate a letter “T” for trouble since that what they add to each school day! Well that and Terrific, Total Love, and Too much cuteness! ;o) (let’s look at the positive shall we????)

See what I mean about trouble!  That’s my chair that he lies on the floor and kicks with those sweet little piggy’s

Caleb made a scroll of the story of Noah. We studied the dead sea scrolls during our history time, fascinating…

We Bobbed for apples for the letter A. And then made a yummy apple crisp for dessert out of all the half bitten apples!

Showing off their apples

MG’s B is for Butterfly sensory bin art

Pattern review with animals

Ready for their first Day at Co-op.  God has blessed us with a sweet group to school and share life with on Fridays, we are very thankful!

Showing off his new microscope he got for science class, he LOVES it, and a number one for the big first grader!

Well that is a peak into our days.  Hope the beginning of your school year is off to a blessed start.  Love to all…

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